Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis

Note: This game is also titled Biohazard 3: Last Escape.

Mercenary mode:
Successfully complete the game one time to unlock mercenary mode and save the "Next Game" file. Start a new game, choose that saved game, then select mercenary mode. This mode involves controlling Carlos, Mikhal, or Nikoli from the train to the starting room with a two minute timer. Killing the various opponents and rescuing civilians during the journey will add more time to the clock. A rank and money will be awarded after the game is completed. The money can be used to purchase better weapons for the next mercenary mode game.

Boutique key:
Successfully complete the game one time and wait for the credits to end. You will receive the key to the Boutique on the first street at the start of the game. Use the key to enter and change into an alternate costume.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting with any rank better than F to unlock Jill's costume from the original Resident Evil and Regina's costume from Dino Crisis. To unlock three additional costumes, successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting with a rank of A. This will unlock police miniskirt, disco, and biker costumes.

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock Epilogues. Epilogues are a short diary description of each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes what happened with that specific person after their adventure. Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues. There are eight total Epilogues that can be unlocked.

Jill's diary:
To get Jill's Diary (a file), collect all thirty files in the game in order. Then the first file (Instructions Manual, blue) will become Jill's Diary.

Barry Burton ending:
The only way to see Barry is if ending B is unlocked. To get this ending the following two points must be done:

The Trolley: Jump out the window.
Fighting Nemesis Type B on the bridge: Jump off.

After the jump off decision, the final area of the game will take a somewhat different path. You will have to fight off Nicholai in a chopper. It is recommended that you bring a Magnum and Grenade Launcher (or Rocket Launcher if it has been found). You can also choose to negotiate with him.

Mixing gun powder:
Mix each kind of gun powder with the reloading tool to make ammunition.

Gun powder Ammunition
A 15 hand gun bullets
B 7 shot gun shells
C 10 grenade gun bullets
AAB 20 shot gun shells
BBA 60 hand gun bullets
CCC 24 magnum bullets
AA 35 hand gun bullets
AC 10 flame rounds
BB 18 shot gun shells
BC 10 acid rounds
CC 10 freeze rounds
AAA 55 hand gun bullets
BBB 30 shot gun shells
Standard Grenade rounds + A Flame rounds
Standard Grenade rounds + B Acid rounds
Standard Grenade rounds + C Freeze rounds

Hint: The three jewels in the clock tower:
When you enter the room in the clock tower with the three statues holding trays, take the obsidian, crystal, and amber jewels from them. There are three clocks on the wall besides the two dead bodies. Going from left to right, place the amber jewel in the first tray, the obsidian jewel in the middle tray, and the crystal jewel in the third tray. The middle clock will open and you will get a gold gear. Combine it with the silver gear and place it in the slot on the third floor.

Hint: Starting the trolley:
The oil additive needed to start the trolley is located in a locked store room inside the sales office. To unlock it, pick up the flashy remote on a desk to turn on a TV. You will see a commercial about some product from Ubrella Corp. Make note of that product (Safsprin, Adravil, Aquacure, etc.). Go to the nearby computer where Carlos just shot his zombied friend. You will be prompted for a password. Type in the name of the product to unlocked the storeroom.

Hint: Police locker combination:
When entering the Police Station and going into the door in the top left corner you will reach a room with zombies. After killing them, enter the next room, which contains the lockers. Once there, go to the other side to find a locker with a light on it. The game will prompt for a code. The code is "0131", "0513", "4312", or "0114".

Capcom made Resident Evil 3 hard to cheat by making the combinations for the lockers and locations of items in different numbers and locations. Do things differently in each game and you will get a different game each time it is played.

Hint: Medical locker combination:
To get the combination to the medical locker in the hospital, go to the room next to that room. Check the dead body in the corner to find one of the following combinations: "513", "101", "498", or "517".

Hint: Grenade launcher:
Use the S.T.A.R.S Card in the computer in the main entrance of the Police Station. When you get the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key, go to the S.T.A.R.S Office. When you are in the office, go to the big locker next to the out-of-commission message receiver. Open the locker and you will get a Grenade Launcher.

Some people may find the Magnum in the big locker. In this situation, the Grenade Launcher may be found in the Sub-Station.

There are two different ways to get the Grenade launcher. There is one in the Sub-Station when the game is first played. The other is available after the game has been completed once. Go to the S.T.A.R.S. office and go were the Magnum gun was originally obtained.

Hint: Rocket launcher:
In the dead factory, go to the machine next to the water sampler puzzle. Use the facility key where that game states a small plastic card can be inserted. Take the other facility key that is given and go to the steaming room where the small card activated elevator is located .Go down and use the facility key on the door where that game states a small plastic card can be inserted. You will find a rocket launcher with four shots at this location.

Hint: Magnum:
Go directly to the Evidence Room in the Police Station. Go to the number-based lock with the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key. Use one of the following three passwords: "0131", "4011", or "4312". You will receive the Emblem Key. Go to the locker in the S.T.A.R.S Office. Open the locker to get a Magnum.

Hint: Water combination code:
At the water sample machine near the dead factory, enter "1 Right" for A, "3 Right" for B, and "4 Left" for C. That should unlock half of the lock to the door next to the elevator.

Hint: Music Box code:
One of the codes for the music box in the top or the tower is Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up.

Hint: Vaccine medium combination:
One of the combinations when making the vaccine medium in the hospital is 2 and B.

Hint: Saving ammo and health:
You can save ammunition when fighting zombies by waiting until they are right in front of you. Then, aim upward and shoot. If done correctly, your shot will blow their head off, even with a handgun. In some rooms there are barrels or red small boxes on the wall. Wait until the monsters in that room are next to those objects before shooting the barrels or boxes to blow them all to pieces. When fighting spiders, shoot them when they are on the wall or ceiling to drop them to the floor. Then, run behind them and then start shooting. The best way to get past brainsuckers is to just run past them. When fighting the dogs, just shoot them. When they jump at you, dodge them by pressing X When fighting hunters, shoot them, and when they jump, run under them. When fighting Nemisis, start shooting him and when he tries to grab you, run. Repeat until he bleeds purple liquid from his tentacles.

Hint: Checking zombies:
To tell if zombies are still active after they are cut in half, leave the room. If the zombie is still on the floor, he is still active.

Walk back and forth in front of their head or enable the auto aim feature and press Aim.

Hint: Run on one foot:
When running, quickly and repeatedly tap Square. Jill will run on one foot, and her other foot will never touch the ground.

Glitch: Ladder scene:
When you are in the park with a cemetery and find the park key, a giant worm/snake appears from under the ground. After killing it, the only way out is to climb a fence. When you climb the fence, the game shows your character going up a ladder.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

(Game Shark)

North American (NTSC) version

Unlimited ink ribbons in chest:
800D21A0 6381
800D21A2 0001

Unlimited health for Jill:
800CCC90 00C8

Condition fine:
300CCC97 0004

10 slots:
800D225E 000A

All maps:
300D2127 00FE
300D212B 00FE

All files:
800D212C FFFF
800D212E FFFF

Hyper mode:
800D454C 0002

Secret mode:
800D1F32 FFE0

Total time (Get grade S):
800D1F28 0000
800D1F2A 0000

All pictures in Epilogue:
800D1F3E 0008

Unlimited fuel:
80082016 0180

The following codes require GameShark v2.4 or greater

All weapons in chest:
800D215C 0001
800D2160 0002
800D2164 0003
800D2168 0004
800D216C 0005
800D2170 0006
800D2174 000A
800D2178 000B
800D217C 000C
800D2180 000D
800D2184 000E
800D2188 000F
800D218C 0010
800D2190 0011
800D2194 0012
800D2198 0013
800D219C 0014

Unlimited ammo all weapons:
800D215E 0003
800D2162 0003
800D2166 0003
800D216A 0003
800D216E 0003
800D2172 0003
800D2176 0003
800D217A 0003
800D217E 0003
800D2182 0003
800D2186 0003

Unlimited ammo all weapons:
800D218A 0003
800D218E 0003
800D2192 0003
800D2196 0003
800D219A 0003
800D219E 0003

Press L1 + Square to access item box anytime:
D00CC830 0084
800D1F2C 0200
D00CC830 0084
800E01C4 0002

Japanese (NTSC) version

Mod-chip enable:
D01840E2 1040
801840E2 1000

Unlimited HP for all:
8003E6AA 0060

Unlimited HP:
800CC338 00C8

Status is Fine:
300CC33F 0004

Press L2 + R1 + Square for rapid fire:
E00CBED8 0089
E10CBED9 0001
E10CBED9 0008
D00CC270 0501
800CC272 0102

Unlimited ammunition:
D006D974 FFFF
8006D974 0000
D006D994 FFFF
8006D994 0000

One hit kills:
D0045720 0006
80045720 0001

Press L2 + Square for item box at anytime:
D00CBED8 0081
800D13C0 1E24
D00CBED8 0081
800D13C2 8005
D00CBED8 0081
800DF874 0002

Total saves set to zero:
D01C35BA 2662
801C35B8 0000

Ten slots:
300D1906 000A

Invisible mode:
D00CBED8 0003
301E4358 0000
D00CBED8 000C
301E4358 0001
Press L2 + R2 to activate, press L1 + R1 to deactivate.

All files:
800D17D4 FFFF
800D17D6 FFFF

All maps:
300D17CF 00FE
300D17D3 00FE

Total time (Grade S):
800D15D0 0000
800D15D2 0000

All pictures in Epilogue:
300D15E6 0008

Omake mode:
800D15DA FFE0
Start a new game to have all secrets.

Press Up + L1 for Jill's first costume:
D00CBED8 1004
800D162E 0000

Press Up + L2 for Jill's second costume:
D00CBED8 1001
800D162E 0001

Press Up + R1 for Jill's third costume:
D00CBED8 1008
800D162E 0002

Press Up + R2 for Jill's fourth costume:
D00CBED8 1002
800D162E 0003

Press Up + L1 + L2 for Jill's fifth costume:
D00CBED8 1005
800D162E 0004

Press Up + R1 + R2 for Jill's sixth costume:
D00CBED8 100A
800D162E 0005

Press Up + L1 + R1 for Regina from Dino Crisis:
D00CBED8 100C
800D162E 0006

Press Up + L2 + R2 for Carlos:
D00CBED8 1003
800D162E 0008

Press Up + L1 + R2 for Mikhail:
D00CBED8 1006?
800D162E 0009

Press Up + L2 + R1 for Nicholai:
D00CBED8 1009
800D162E 000A


Reward total:
800D1C94 967F
800D1C96 0098

Unlimited time:
800D1640 0078